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IMPULSE Wireless is the leading supplier of two-way push to talk (PTT/PoC)      communications solutions in Australia, combining our powerful software with the reliability and convenience of a customised PTT device, or your own smartphone.

IMPULSE Wireless handsets offer the perfect solution for your business, providing clearer communications with better coverage. While operating just like a normal two-way radio, IMPULSE Wireless handsets harness the power of Australia's best mobile broadband networks, providing you with far superior service and features.

Because nothing beats the power of your voice when communicating with a team.

No other radio communications network is comparable

IMPULSE Wireless offers you everything you need in communication:

  • Superior coverage Australia wide

  • Excellent voice quality

  • Highly portable and durable devices

  • Incredibly easy to use interface

  • A full, comprehensive service and technical support

  • Fixed price service means no airtime charges

  • Integration with existing radio networks, including DMR and P25 radio networks via AIS and ISSI

  • Advanced features available including GPS tracking, lone worker and safety systems, and custom requirements.

IMPULSE Wireless handsets are highly customised Android devices which operate throughout Australia (and indeed the world) using the power of mobile broadband networks and WiFi. Being based on a smartphone, our handsets are familiar, reliable, and easy to use. You may also use your own smartphone, paired with a Bluetooth or wired remote speaker microphone, to provide two-way communications, familiar and simple like a two-way radio.

IMPULSE Wireless devices are powered by the Telstra 4GX, 4G and 3G Mobile Network so feature a communications coverage of 99% of Australia's population and key routes, which is far superior to other providers. This means our devices are highly reliable and effective, and your business can take full advantage of the extensive and unmatched reach of the network.

IMPULSE Wireless is a Telstra Partner. We can provide products and services tailored to you, delivered by Telstra on your Telstra bill. This may even allow use of tech funds and other benefits.

Well used and well liked, across Australia and the world.

We continue to receive great reviews and referrals from customers. Just some of our clients include:


Passenger transport: drivers who need better coverage but cannot hold a phone.

Logistics and security users have reliable and complete coverage for the first time.

Cement and waste trucks benefit from rugged remote speaker microphones, clear communications and ease-of-use.

Towing: Increased flexibility with a lightweight Bluetooth speaker microphone.

Industrial: Teams communicate on site, across sites, to vehicles, and even with workshops overseas.

High-profile chauffeurs: Covert, instant communications without disrupting clients or passengers.

Existing Radio Users: seamless integration with existing radio systems.

Read a Hunter Concrete case study from Critical Comms magazine by clicking here.



Australia Wide. More than 99% of populated areas. Includes road tunnels and most buildings.


East Coast major cities, Adelaide and Perth.


East Coast major cities.

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