IMPULSE Wireless makes your communication easy.

IMPULSE Wireless radios offer your business a complete communication solution. We take care of communications to enable you to run your operations easily and efficiently.

We innovatively customise and combine our powerful software and handset hardware to create easy to use, two-way "radio" devices which communicate via our fully managed, extensive network.

Each device operates with a "push to talk" and "release to listen" system, and features an intuitive colour touch screen interface for easy channel or private contact selection, text message reply, and many other customisable options.

Ready to use straight out of the box, saving you time and money.

We handle all of the management and support so that IMPULSE Wireless handsets are ready to use immediately. For the majority of customers, there is no infrastructure or setup to worry about. This means that they just work, saving you time, money and hassle.

User-friendly hardware.

The handset hardware is a customised Android smartphone (or your own smartphone) with our unique specialist software and accessories to allow it to effortlessly operate just like a two-way radio. Push-to-talk using the physical PTT button or supplied remote speaker microphone or earpiece. On the handset, it's easy to choose the primary channel to operate, and also select other additional channels to monitor and receive, as desired. The user interface of the handset is a four-inch colour capacitive touchscreen. Volume and power buttons are located on the handset's edges, and may be operated at any time. A large button on the supplied accessory (remote speaker microphone or earpiece) activates the push-to-talk (PTT). Use of a standard Android smartphone with our unique modifications means that it is simple and cost efficient to replace batteries and charging accessories, provide on-going support and repairs, and perform remote support and upgrades as required. The high performance hardware is reliable and user friendly, and is fully warranted and supported by IMPULSE Wireless.

Our effective communication software.

We utilise innovatively developed and customised software as a core to our IMPULSE Wireless devices. There have been numerous commercial deployments of this software throughout the world, and now, we have specialised it to use in our IMPULSE Wireless products. You can be confident that our software is powerful, reliable, intuitive and geared toward your communication needs.

The portable accessories.

We wish to make your user experience easy and effective. IMPULSE Wireless handsets are supplied with a comfortable, wired accessory. This can be either a remote speaker microphone or an earpiece, depending on your user preference. The accessory has a push-to-talk button and is easy to use, install and remove. Operation via optional specialised Bluetooth accessories is also possible. All accessories are custom designed and manufactured to ensure optimal effectiveness with this device. They are durable, water resistant and simple to remove and install.

Full service offering to suit your needs.

We offer a full, comprehensive service with your IMPULSE Wireless products, which is catered to your business' needs, ensuring your complete confidence and peace of mind. This includes complete management over hosting, servicing, data connection, remote support, upgrades, accessories, customisation and warranties. We make things simple so you don't have to worry. In addition, we offer the flexibility to allow you to host the service on your own infrastructure if this suits your specific needs better. If you choose this option, we still offer a comprehensive service to support you.

Warranty and remote support.

We endeavour to ensure your maximum satisfaction with your IMPULSE Wireless products, which is why we offer warranties and system support to ensure the smooth running of your devices at all times. We offer a standard 24 month warranty on handsets and a 12 month warranty on accessories, which is managed completely through us. This means that it's hassle free and reliable. Remote support is available at all times to ensure that your devices are working as they should. Each device features a comprehensive help screen that explains all functions and offers solutions to standard questions and queries. It will also visually display assistance and tips, point directly to which buttons to push and demonstrate the swipe functionality. In addition, we offer generous remote support to customers, which is as easy as giving us a call. We can remotely log-in to your device with your permission and provide on-the-spot technical help should you require it. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you.

Flexibility and additional features.

We are able to customise a complete solution for you unique business and organisation. By tailoring our flexible IMPULSE Wireless system to your needs, you can be assured to get the best, most cost effective communication package available. You can add users and extra channels whenever the need arises, rename users, reconfigure settings, and much more. It can be all done remotely and the handsets update to the new settings in seconds. We also offer complete technical support and advice to ensure you get the most out of your IMPULSE Wireless devices. Additional tailored features are also available, depending on your needs and requirements. For example, we are able to offer safety functionality which can send alerts to a central system when a user becomes unresponsive. Devices can also be fitted with GPS tracking and maps, direct messaging and Voice over Internet (VoIP) accessibility, as well as business applications such as calendars, calculators and email. We can even write and create applications which allow your IMPULSE Wireless products to perform specific functions should you require it. Our aim is to ensure maximum usability of your devices so you can take full advantage of our communications solution.

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