About BluSkye

Why Stone Mountain?


Stone Mountain is a reputable and trusted brand throughout the world, providing quality and value through a full range of devices.
We are confident that the PTT communication products we offer will meet the growing needs of your business.

Experience and see for yourself how BluSkye Bluetooth RSM can enhance your team’s connectivity.

“Our drivers are able to successfully connect the BluSkye wireless speaker mic and communicate clearly, without interruption. The speaker mic is much more rugged than our previous radios, easily connects, and can be used while in close proximity to the tablets.”


- Angelo Petriello, Transfleet Concrete Inc.

Want a FREE, no obligation trial?

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We offer a free, no obligation trial of Stone Mountain devices so you can test their compatibility and flexibility for yourself, in your own day-to-day operations.

Sydney: 02 8705 3778

Newcastle: 02 4032 6400

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