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About BluSkye

 Your Bluetooth Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM)

The BluSkye Bluetooth remote speaker microphone supports your daily business operations by providing easy-to-use, loud and clear two-way communications across Australia through a connected PTT app on a smart device.


This PoC (Push-to-Talk Over Cellular) radio system allows your teams
to stay in touch easily and at all times, no matter where they are.


One of a Kind

It is the world’s only IP68 waterproof, Mil 810G compliant Bluetooth remote speaker microphone. 

Useful Features

The BluSkye Bluetooth RSM has useful features including reliable pairing and connecting, a dedicated emergency button, long battery life and volume control on the RSM.


BluSkye Bluetooth RSM is designed to be tough.

Everything from the casing to the charging port is rugged and submersible, so that it will last, no matter where it’s used.

Why Stone Mountain?


Stone Mountain is a reputable and trusted brand throughout the world, providing quality and value through a full range of devices.
We are confident that the PTT communication products we offer will meet the growing needs of your business.

Experience and see for yourself how BluSkye Bluetooth RSM can enhance your team’s connectivity.

“Our drivers are able to successfully connect the BluSkye wireless speaker mic and communicate clearly, without interruption. The speaker mic is much more rugged than our previous radios, easily connects, and can be used while in close proximity to the tablets.”


- Angelo Petriello, Transfleet Concrete Inc.

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