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IMPULSE Wireless is the exclusive Stone Mountain sales and service agent for Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands, including PNG, New Caledonia and Fiji.


While Stone Mountain is a reputable American brand, we are available here locally to provide full support, maintenance, orders and assistance.

Our team has extensive experience supporting PTT, BluSkye RSM and all Stone Mountain products. We are also knowledgeable and well equipped to support your business’ needs locally, having worked with PoC technology for over 10 years.


We hold local stock and perform repairs locally, providing a high level of customer service to dealers and end users across the Australian and Pacific regions.

Local Stock

You're buying local stock from Australia


2 year warranty on the Mic and 1 year on the battery


Local repairs, warranty and full support


Local phone and email support available to help


Full AS/NZS, safety and ACMA certifications for safety and compliance

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to order and receive the BluSkye mic?

Local stock means fast service and delivery. We offer express courier shipping out of Sydney to most areas of Australia so you and your team can get your Stone Mountain orders faster.

Is there a minimum order for BluSkye mics?

No. Whether you need a single belt clip or 1,000 mic units, we’re here awaiting your call to fulfil your order.

What is the advantage of Bluetooth for a remote speaker mic?

Bluetooth offers your team the flexibility of no wires so you can use the RSM wherever you are, without having to touch or remove mobile devices. You can also leverage your existing smart devices for two-way communications really easily.

What’s the advantage of PTT over two-way radio?

Two-way radios provide only limited coverage. However, with Push To Talk, you can leverage your existing smart devices with PTT and receive better coverage via the cellular network, as well as more features and better voice quality, for less overall cost.

Can I use my device for phone calls as well as Push To Talk (PTT)?

BluSkye can be used with phone calls as well as PTT, if your device does both functions. There is a call answer/hang-up button on the mic, and the phone call is full duplex (so you don't have to press the PTT button on a phone call!)

How long does the battery in the BluSkye Mic last?

Typical usage gives greater than 12 hours on a full charge.

How long does the BluSkye Mic take to charge

From fully flat to 100% charged takes around 5-6 hours.

Can I trial the BluSkye Mic?

Absolutely! We offer a free trial of the mic and will support you with your own PTT platform, or we can supply and/or refer you to a number of other PTT platforms according to your needs.

Contact us today to start your free trial.

What if my business decides the BluSkye Mic no longer suits our business?

Any trial is completely obligation-free. The purpose of the trial is to determine if it suits your needs, not to hook you in. We are proud to have thousands of users who are happy and are having their needs met, and we work hard to make sure this is the case for all of our customers!

This is not only about exceeding expectations in customer service; it's also encouraging everyone to take a trial before they buy anything from us, so they know our products and services meet their business’ needs.

How close does the smart device, phone or tablet need to be to the BluSkye mic?

Within ten metres (which is the typical Bluetooth range)

How do you charge my company for a PTT system?

The BluSkye RSM is a once-off purchase. Any PTT connection is charged separately and may be supplied by someone else. Some basic PTT services are free; some PTT services come with a subscription cost.

Contact us to learn more.

How do I charge my BluSkye RSM?

The Stone Mountain BluSkye has a rugged, weatherproof round DC port for the wall charger. This is much more durable than MicroUSB ports found on competing RSMs. Alternately you can charge your BluSkye in a TruDock cradle in a vehicle, on a desk, or in a TruDockTM multi-gang setup with up to 30 RSMs charging from a single power point.

If I leave the BluSkye RSM charging for days or weeks on end, will it damage the battery?

The BluSkye RSM has smart charging circuitry, which means the battery only charges when it needs to. This is the case whether charging from a TruDock cradle or from the wall charger - so leaving them on charge for long periods is not a problem.

How do I know when the battery is going flat?

The BluSkye RSM unit will beep once and append a yellow flash to its usual blue or red flash, to indicate the battery has dropped below 15% charge. Typical users may still have two or more hours of use before the battery completely drains from this point.

Which PTT apps will work with the BluSkye RSM?

Most leading PTT apps work with BluSkye. Please contact us for details as special features may be available through configuration for your chosen app.

Can I use the BluSkye RSM with my LMR, P25, DMR, digital or analogue radio?

Yes, the BluSkye RSM supports a growing number of land mobile radios. Please contact us for further details.

How do I pair the BluSkye RSM to my smartphone or PTT device?

Press and hold the power button for five seconds to put the BluSkye RSM in pairing mode, search for Bluetooth devices on your smartphone, and connect. Once paired, the RSM and smart device will remember each other, and connect automatically each time the RSM is turned on.

What if I have other questions?

Please call us on 02 8705 3778 or email support@bluskyersm.com.au

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