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Bluetooth Remote Speaker Microphone

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Introducing BluSkye™  
Bluetooth Remote Speaker Microphone


It’s always a beautiful and productive day with BluSkye!

BluSkye Bluetooth Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM) is an ultra-rugged and user-friendly Bluetooth RSM that works with a Push to Talk (PTT) application on a smart device to provide a portable, two-way communication system for your business.

IP68 submersible with MIL 810 specs, the BluSkye Bluetooth remote speaker microphone
is the most reliable and durable Bluetooth RSM on the market.

What is BluSkye™  

The BluSkye Bluetooth RSM gives your team simple, loud and clear two-way communications using PTT on your smart devices to offer a complete PoC radio solution.

What does BluSkye™ RSM offer?

The BluSkye Bluetooth RSM is easy to use and durable, which enables effective PTT communications anywhere across Australia.

The device is safe to use while driving, providing reliable connections between your team at all times.

How Does BluSkye™ Work?

Make your smart devices work like a two-way radio, with the freedom of a Bluetooth connection and PoC System.

Once paired, the BluSkye RSM and your smart devices will allow your team to have seamless two-way communications with the touch of a button.

Ergonomic and


The Stone Mountain range is designed with comfort and daily usage in mind.

Charge the BluSkye RSM easily in a TruDock™ cradle within a vehicle, on a desk, or in a TruDock™ multi-gang setup with up to 30 RSMs charging from a single power point

In Stock

In stock in Sydney for fast delivery


Local repairs, warranty and full support


2 year warranty on the Mic and 1 year on the battery


Local phone and email support available to help

Powered by wireless PTT via
Australia-wide mobile networks


BluSkye works as part of a Push to Talk two-way communications
system using smart devices and mobile cellular networks,
offering unmatched coverage, reliability and flexibility across Australia.
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Meet a few of our customers.

PTT provides critical communications for motorway incident response and maintenance
Macleans Waste Management uses IMPULSE Wireless communications
Replaced digital radios with Stone Mountain RSMs and smartphones with PTT for improved coverage and reduced cost
Using PTT for flexible and reliable communications across Australia

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